Ivana Tlak Gajger

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InstitutionUniversity of Zagreb Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department for Biology and Pathology of Fish and Bees
Postal addressHeinzelova 55
10 000
Office phone00385 2390 151
Mobile phone00385 588 4993
Alternative e-mailitlak6@gmail.com
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer,Researcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Pests & Pathogens
COLOSS Taskforce(s)   Varroa control
Research interestshoneybee diseases
 bumblebees pests
 solitary bees pests
 nutrition of honeybees
 honeybee products quality
Experimental treatment of Nosema disease with "Nozevit" phyto-pharmacological preparation. Am. Bee J. 149, 5, 485 - 490.

TLAK GAJGER, I., O. VUGREK, LJ. PINTER, Z. PETRINEC (2009): „Nozevit patties“ treatment of honeybees (Apis mellifera) for the control of Nosema ceranae disease. Am. Bee J. 149, 11, 1053 – 1056.

TLAK GAJGER, I., Z. TOMLJANOVIĆ, Z. PETRINEC (2010): Monitoring health status of Croatian honey bee colonies and possible reasons for winter losses. J. Apicul. Res. 49, 1, 107 – 108.

TLAK GAJGER, I., O. VUGREK, Z. PETRINEC, D. GRILEC, Z. TOMLJANOVIĆ (2010): Detection of Nosema ceranae in honey bees from Croatia. J. Apicul. Res. 49, 4, 340 – 341.

TLAK GAJGER, I., O. VUGREK, D. GRILEC, Z. PETRINEC (2010): Prevalence and distribution of Nosema ceranae in Croatian honeybee colonies. Veterinarni Medicina 55, 9, 457 – 462.

TLAK GAJGER, I., Z. KOZARIĆ, D. BERTA, S. NEJEDLI, Z. PETRINEC (2011): Effect of the herbal preparation Nozevit on the mid-gut structure of honeybees (Apis mellifera) infected with Nosema sp. spores. Veterinarni Medicina 56, 7, 343-350.

TLAK GAJGER, I. (2011): Nozevit aerosol application for Nosema ceranae disease treatment. Am Bee J 151, 11, 1087-1090.

TLAK GAJGER, I., S. NEJEDLI, Z. KOZARIĆ (2013): The effect of Nozevit on leucine aminopeptidase and esterase activity in the midgut of honey bees (Apis mellifera). Veterinarni Medicina 58, 8, 422-429.

NINA BILANDŽIĆ, MILICA GAČIĆ, MAJA ĐOKIĆ, MARIJA SEDAK, ĐURĐICA IVANEC ŠIPUŠIĆ, ANA KONČURAT, IVANA TLAK GAJGER (2014): Major and trace elements levels in multifloral and unifloral honeys in Croatia. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 33, 132-138.