Jilian Li

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InstitutionInstitute of Apicultural Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Postal addressBeigou No.1, Xiangshan,Haidian District
Office phone86-10-62591749
Job /  professional statusResearcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Pests & Pathogens
Research interestsbee disease
PublicationsJilian Li, Haoran Qin, Jie Wu, Ben M. Sadd, Xiuhong Wang, Jay D. Evans, Wenjun Peng, Yanping Chen. The prevalence of parasites and pathogens in Asian honeybees Apis cerana in China. Plos one,2012, 7(11): e47955
Jilian Li, Wenfeng Chen, Jie Wu, Wenjun Peng, Jiandong An, Schmid-Hempel Paul, Schmid-Hempel Regula. A diversity of Nosema associated with bumblebees (Bombus spp.) from China, International Journal for Parasitology, 2012, 42: 49–61.
Jilian Li, Wenjun Peng, Jie Wu, James P. Stange, Humberto Boncristiani, and Yanping Chen. Cross-Species Infection of Deformed Wing Virus Poses a New Threat to Pollinator Conservation. Journal of economic entomology, 2011, 104(3):732-739.
Wenjun Peng*, Jilian Li*, Humberto Boncristiani, James P. Strange,Michele Hamilton, and Yanping Chen. Host Range Expansion of Honey Bee Black Queen Cell Virus in the Bumble Bee, Bombus huntii. Apidologie, 2011, 42:650-658
Humberto Boncristiani,Jilian Li,Jay D. Evans,Jeff Pettis,Yanping Chen. Scientific note on PCR inhibitors in the compound eyes of honey bees, Apis mellifera. Apidologie, 2011,42:457-460
Li JL. Huang JX. Cai WZ. Zhao ZW. Peng WJ. Wu J. The vitellogenin of the bumblebee, Bombus hypocrita: studies on structural analysis of the cDNA and expression of the mRNA. Journal of Comparative Physiology B, 2010, 180:161–170.