Lidija Svečnjak

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InstitutionUniversity of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
Postal addressSvetošimunska cesta 25
Croatia / Zagreb county / Continental region
Office phone+385 (0)1 2393 977
Mobile phone+385 99 8157 525
Fax+385 (0)1 231 5300
Job /  professional statusResearcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Environment
COLOSS Taskforce(s)   Apitox,CSI Pollen
Research interestsanalysis of honey bee products (reference and alternative analytical methods)
 application of spectroscopic techniques for authenticity determination of beeswax and honey
 honey bee biology
Publications1. Svečnjak, L., Bubalo, D., Baranović, G., Novosel, H. (2015). Optimization of FTIR ATR spectroscopy for botanical authentication of unifloral honey types and melissopalynological data prediction. European Food Research and Technology. 240 (6): 1101-1115. DOI 10.1007/s00217-015-2414-1.
2. Jerković, I., Tuberoso, C.I.G., Baranović, G., Marijanović, Z., Kranjac, M., Svečnjak, L., Kuś, P.M. (2015). Characterization of Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis L.) Honey by Physico-Chemical Parameters and Chromatographic/Spectroscopic Techniques (GC-FID/MS, HPLC-DAD, UV/VIS and FTIR-ATR). Croatica chemica acta. 88 (1): 15-22.
3. Svečnjak, L., Baranović, G., Vinceković, M., Prđun, S., Bubalo, D., Tlak Gajger, I. (2015). An approach for routine analytical detection of beeswax adulteration using FTIR-ATR spectroscopy. Journal of Apicultural Science. In press.
4. Jerković, I., Obradović, M., Šuste, M., Kuś, P.M., Svečnjak, L. (2015). Rhamnus frangula L. honey: screening of volatile organic compounds and their composition after short-term heating. Chemistry of natural compounds. In press.
5. Svečnjak, L., Biliškov, N., Bubalo, D., Barišić, D. (2011). Application of infrared spectroscopy in honey analysis. Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus. 76 (3): 191-195.
6. Svečnjak, L.; Hegić, G.; Kezić, J; Turšić, M; Dražić, M.; Bubalo, D.; Kezić, N.. (2008), The state of beekeeping in Croatia. Journal of Central European Agriculture. 9 (3): 475-482.

Conference papers and abstracts:

1. Svečnjak, L., Prđun, S., Bubalo, D., Tlak Gajger, I., Baranović, G. (2015). Determination of residual paraffin in honeycomb constructed on adulterated foundations. 44th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress 2015. Daejeon, South Korea, p. 436.
2. Svečnjak, L., Prđun, S., Vinceković, M., Baranović, G., Bubalo, D., Tlak Gajger, I. (2014). Rapid determination of beeswax adulteration by FTIR-ATR spectroscopy. Book of abstracts of the International Symposium on Bee Products 3rd edition - Annual meeting of the International Honey Commission (IHC). Opatija, Croatia, p. 59.
3. Tlak Gajger, I., Nejedli, S., Svečnjak, L., Ribarić, J., Tomljanović, Z. (2014). Food additives as alternative treatments for Nosema ceranae disease. Book of abstracts. 6th European Conference of Apidology - EurBee 6. Murcia, Spain, p. 140-141.
4. Svečnjak, L.; Laurino, D.; Zimmermann, B.; Biliškov, N.; Prđun, S.; Bubalo, D. ( 2012). An infrared insight into honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) haemolymph: analytical potentials. 5th European Conference of Apidology. Halle an der Saale, Germany, p.199.
5. Novosel, H.; Janeš, M.; Dražić, M.; Filipi, J.; Bubalo, D.; Svečnjak, L.; Prđun, S.; Kezić, N. ( 2012). Genotype-Environment Interactions in honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) on Unije Island. 8-th COLOSS Conference/MC meeting FA-0803. Halle an der Saale, Germany, p.50.
6. Rožmarić Mačefat, M., Barišić, D., Rogić, M., Svečnjak, L., Nodilo, M., Bubalo, D., Popijaĉ, M., Kezić, N. (2011). 137Cs behaviour in chestnut honey from Northwestern Croatia two decades after Chernobyl accident. Proceedings of the 8th Symposium of the Croatian radiation protection association. Island of Krk, Croatia, p. 449-453.
7. Svečnjak, L., Kezić, N. (2010). Application of artificial larvae rearing method in Croatia. Proceedings of the COLOSS Workshop: Method standardization for larval tests. Graz, Austria, p. 26.
8. Bubalo, D., Peternel, R., Hegić, G., Svečnjak, L., Kezić, J. (2009) Melissopalynological characteristics of Croatian sage (Salvia officinalis L.) honey. 41st Scientific Apimondia Congress 2009: programme and abstracts of oral presentations / posters. Montpellier, France, p. 153.
9. Dražić, M., Svečnjak, L., Bubalo, D., Filipi, J., Hegić, G., Mihaljević, I., Kezić, N. (2009). The influence of the drones to the varroa tolerability. Proceedings of the 5th COLOSS Conference Prevention of honeybee colony losses. Montpellier, France, p. 40.
10. Bubalo, D., Filipi, J., Svečnjak, L., Dražić, M., Mihaljević, I., Kezić, N. (2009) Testing station on Unije Island. Proceedings of the COLOSS Workshop Standardization of methods for vitality test, Unije Island, Croatia, p. 6.
11. Svečnjak, L., Dražić, M., Bubalo, D., Filipi, J., Kezić, N., Hegić, G. (2009). Prospects of Croatian beekeeping with regard to current situation and achievements. Proceedings of the COLOSS Work Shop: New Molecular Tools. Bern, Switzerland, p. 26.