Lukas Jeker

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InstitutionLukas Jeker, Ecotoxicologist
Scientific Associate

Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER
Research station Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux ALP-Haras
Swiss bee research center

Schwarzenburgstrasse 161, CH-3003 Bern
Tel. +41 (0)58 463 51 85
Fax +41 (0)58 463 82 27
Postal addressSchwarzenburgstrasse 161
Office phone0041 58 463 51 85
Fax0041 58 463 82 27
Research interestsHoney bee
 Solitary bee
 Bumble bee
PublicationsNicole Hanewald, Ivo Roessink, Sergey Mastitsky, Kristin Amsel, Laura Bortolotti, Monica Colli, David Gladbach, Stefan Haupt, Lukas Jeker, Stefan Kimmel, Claire Molitor, Emmanuelle Noel, Hannah Schmitt, Selwyn Wilkins, Sjefvan der Steen, 2015. First results of a method proposal for a Bumblebee (Bombus spp.) first tier acute contact and oral laboratory test. Poster session, SETAC conference, May 2015, Barcelona

Ivo Roessink, Nicole Hanewald, Christof Schneider, Piotr Medrzycki, Jordi Bosch, Silvia Hinarejos, David Gladbach, Ljubiša Stanisavljević, Slobodan Krnjajić, Alexander Schnurr, Hannah Schmitt, Lukas Jeker, Emmanuelle Noel, Carsten Brühl, Fabio Sgolastra, Jozef van der Stehen, 2015. First results of a method proposal for a solitary bee (Osmia spp.) first tier acute contact laboratory test. Poster session, SETAC conference, May 2015, Barcelona

Lea Franke, Lukas Jeker, Christina Rehberg, Peter Stahlschmidt, Sibylle Kaiser, Carsten A. Brühl, 2014. Comparing the Sensitivity to Dimethoate of “Non-Apis” Bees with the Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)
Poster session, ICPPR conference, September 2014, Ghent

Christina Rehberg, Lukas Jeker, Peter Stahlschmidt, Christoph Hoffmann, Sibylle Kaiser, Carsten A. Brühl 2014. Method Development of a Semi-Field Approach using Micro Tunnels with the Solitary Bee Species Osmia bicornis. Poster session, ICPPR conference, September 2014, Ghent

Kroder S and Jeker L, 2014. The challenge of assessing the risk of pesticides to non-Apis bees and the outcome of the EFSA approach. Poster session MO298, SETAC conference, May 2014, Basel

Jeker L, Schmid L, Meschberger T, Candolfi M, Pudenz S, Magyar J P (2012): Computer-assisted digital image analysis and evaluation of brood development in honey bee combs. Journal of Apicultural Research 51(1), 63-73.

Pistorius, J., Becker R., Lückmann, J., Schur, A., Barth, M., Jeker, L., Schmitzer, S., von der Ohe, W. (2012): Effectiveness of method improvements to reduce variability of brood termination rate in honey bee brood studies under semi-field conditions

L. Jeker et al. (2010): Evaluation of bee brood development using automated digital image processing and analysis. Poster presentation at 4th EurBee Congress, September 2010, Ankara/Turkey

Article of improved method for the assessment of honeybee brood development at Harlan Laboratories Ltd. (2010) L. Jeker
The Researcher (Harlan Magazine) March 2010 Edition

Interview with BAZ (Basler Zeitung) to questions of a honeybee brood study
“Forscher testen ob Spritzmittel Bienen töten”
Issue from Tuesday, 4. September 2007 L. Jeker

L. Jeker et al. (2007): Honeybee brood studies: How important are environmental conditions and Environmental set up for the results of bee brood studies? Poster presentation at SETAC meeting, May 2007, Porto/Portugal

Presentation of established and new honeybee toxicity studies at RCC (2006) L. Jeker
The Researcher (RCC Magazine) Issue No. 2