Martin Kamler

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InstitutionBee Research Institute Dol, Ltd.
Postal addressDol 94
Libcice nad Vltavou
Czech Republic
Office phone+420 220 940 480
Job /  professional statusResearcher,Extension Specialist,Student
Research interestspesticides
PublicationsErban, T., Ledvinka, O., Kamler, M., Nesvorna, M., Hortova, B., Tyl, J., ... & Hubert, J. (2017). Honeybee (Apis mellifera)-associated bacterial community affected by American foulbrood: detection of Paenibacillus larvae via microbiome analysis. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 5084.

Hubert, J., Bicianova, M., Ledvinka, O., Kamler, M., Lester, P. J., Nesvorna, M., ... & Erban, T. (2017). Changes in the Bacteriome of Honey Bees Associated with the Parasite Varroa destructor, and Pathogens Nosema and Lotmaria passim. Microbial ecology, 73(3), 685-698.

Erban, T., Harant, K., Kamler, M., Markovic, M., & Titera, D. (2016). Detailed proteome mapping of newly emerged honeybee worker hemolymph and comparison with the red-eye pupal stage. Apidologie, 47(6), 805-817.

Erban, T., Harant, K., Hubalek, M., Vitamvas, P., Kamler, M., Poltronieri, P., ... & Titera, D. (2015). In-depth proteomic analysis of Varroa destructor: Detection of DWV-complex, ABPV, VdMLV and honeybee proteins in the mite. Scientific reports, 5.

Hubert, J., Erban, T., Kamler, M., Kopecky, J., Nesvorna, M., Hejdankova, S., ... & Zurek, L. (2015). Bacteria detected in the honeybee parasitic mite Varroa destructor collected from beehive winter debris. Journal of applied microbiology, 119(3), 640-654.

Hroncova Z, Havlik J, Killer J, Doskocil I, Tyl J, Kamler M, et al. (2015) Variation in Honey Bee Gut Microbial Diversity Affected by Ontogenetic Stage, Age and Geographic Location. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0118707. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0118707

Hubert, J., Nesvorna, M., Kamler, M., Kopecky, J., Tyl, J., Titera, D., & Stara, J. (2014). Point mutations in the sodium channel gene conferring tau‐fluvalinate resistance in Varroa destructor. Pest Management Science, 70(6), 889-894.

Huang, S. K., Csaki, T., Doublet, V., Dussaubat, C., Evans, J. D., Gajda, A. M., ... & Chen, Y. P. (2014). Evaluation of Cage Designs and Feeding Regimes for Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Laboratory Experiments. Journal of Economic Entomology, 107(1), 54-62.