Miroljub Golubovski

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InstitutionMacedonian association for conservation of Macedonian native honey bee-MacBee
Negorci, Gevgelija R. Macedonia
Postal addressGjorgji Velkov, bb, Negorci
Office phone+389075577321
Alternative e-mailmgolubovski@yahoo.com
Job /  professional statusStudent,Other
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Diversity & Conservation,Pests & Pathogens
COLOSS Project(s)   Monitoring
Research interestsmonitoring winter colony losses
 varroa control
 sustainable bee breeding
 Honey bee diversity
 Honey bee breeding
Publications- Pavlova J., Hristovski K., Golubovski M.(2013): Analysis of colony losses in Republic of Macedonia in winter period 2012/2013, Proceeding of students research 2013, Faculty for Agricultural science and food, Skopje
- Golubovski M., Tasevski M., Hristovski K.(2014): The impact of the consumed winter feeding quality on worker honey bees' survival in laboratory conditions, Proceeding of students research 2014, Faculty for Agricultural science and food, Skopje
-Golubovski M., Uzunov A., Kiprijanovska H., Andonov S.(2015): Monitoring of honey bee colony losses in Republic of Macedonia, The COLOSS Workshop on “monitoring beelosses” Copenhagen, 27-28 January 2015
- Golubovski M.(2015): Overwintering index of colonies from the Macedonian honey bee population (Apis mellifera macedonica),IX Conference of Agronomy Students ,Čačak, Faculty of Agronomy, 26-28 August 2015,
- Golubovski M., Hristovski K.(2015): Determination of the subspecies purity of Apis melliffera macedonica on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, VI International Scientific Agriculture Symposium "Agrosym 2015" Jahorina, 15-18 October 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina.