Mogbel El-Niweiri

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InstitutionAssistant research professor

Department of Bees Research

Environment,Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute (ENRRI)

National Centre for Research

Mohammad Najeeb Street, 57

Khartoum, Sudan. P.O. Box 6096.

Assistant professor

Biological Sciences and New Technologies& Environmental Council

Sudan Academy of Sciences
Postal addressMohammad Najeeb Street7
 Al amarat 57
Office phone00249112909643
Mobile phone00249118544952
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer,Researcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Pests & Pathogens,Environment,Diversity & Conservation
Research interestsHoneybees health
 Molecular ecology
PublicationsPeer-reviewed journals

(1)El-Nebir M A, El-Niweiri M A A, Abdel Magid T D (2013) Identification of botanical origin and potential importance of vegetation types for honey production in the Sudan .Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies 1 (2):13-18
(2)El-Niweiri MAA, Shaibi T,Omer E (2013) Mitochondrial genetic analysis of the honeybee Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera, Apidae) in the Arab land. Persian Gulf Crop Protection 2(1): 25-34
(3)El-Niweiri MAA, Moritz RFA (2011) Mating in rain? Climatic variance for polyandry in the honeybee (Apis mellifera jemenitica). Population Ecology 53:421–427
(4)El-Niweiri MAA, Moritz RFA (2010) The impact of apiculture on the genetic structure of wild honeybee (Apis mellifera) populations in Sudan. Insect Conservation 115-124
(5)Jaffé R, Dietemann V, Allsopp MH, Costa C, Crewe RM, Dall’Olio R, De la Rúa P, El-Niweiri MAA, Fries I, Kezic N, Meusel MS, Paxton RJ, Shaibi T, Moritz RFA (2010) Filling the gap in pollinator decline censuses: Measuring the density of honeybee (Apis mellifera) colonies across their natural range. Conservation Biology 24(2): 583 – 593
(6)El-Niweiri MAA, Moritz RFA (2008) Mitochondrial discrimination of honeybees (Apis mellifera) of Sudan. Apidologie 39:566–573
(7)El-Niweiri MAA, El-Sarrag MSA, Satti AA (2008) Survey of vertebrate pests and predators of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in Sudan. Albuhuth (12) 2: 10-21
(8)El-Niweiri MAA, El-Sarrag MSA, Satti AA (2008) Survey of diseases and parasites of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in Sudan. Sudan Journal of Basic Sciences, Series B: Biological Sciences 14: 141-159
(9)El-Niweiri MAA, El-Sarrag MS, Neumann P (2008) Filling the Sudan gap: the northernmost natural distribution limit of small hive beetles. Journal of Apicultural Research 47(3): 184–185
(10)El-Niweiri MAA, El-Sarrag MSA (2006) Detection of the parasitic Mite (Varroa jacobsoni) of honeybees Apis mellifera in Sudan. Albuhuth 10(1): 60-75
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