Andrzej Oleksa

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InstitutionDepartment of Genetics
Kazimierz Wielki University
Postal addressChodkiewicza 30
Office phone+48523767921
Mobile phone+48502182347
Job /  professional statusProfessor/Lecturer,Researcher
Preferred COLOSS theme(s)   Diversity & Conservation
COLOSS Project(s)   Monitoring
COLOSS Taskforce(s)   Sustainable bee breeding
Research interestsgenetic diversity
 conservation genetics
PublicationsOleksa A, Tofilski A (2015) Wing geometric morphometrics and microsatellite analysis provide similar discrimination of honey bee subspecies. Apidologie 46(1): 49-60
Oleksa A, Wilde J, Tofilski A, Chybicki IJ (2013) Partial reproductive isolation between European subspecies of honey bees. Apidologie 44(5): 611-619
Oleksa A, Gawroński R, Tofilski A (2013) Rural avenues as a refuge for feral honey bee population. Journal of Insect Conservation 17(3): 465-472
Oleksa A, Chybicki IJ, Tofilski A, Burczyk J (2011) Nuclear and mitochondrial patterns of introgression into native dark bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) in Poland. Journal of Apicultural Research 50:116–129