Sandro Bertolino

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InstitutionDepartment of Agriculture, Forest and Food Science
University of Turin
Postal addressLargo Paolo Braccini 2,
Office phone+39 0116708677
Research interestsInvasive Alien Species
PublicationsI am interested in providing scientific evidences useful for improving the effectiveness of invasive alien species management. My previous research focused on vertebrates, mainly mammals, but from 2015, I am working on a European LIFE project on the 'Spatial containment of Vespa velutina in Italy and establishment of an Early Warning and Rapid Response System'.
I have authored 60 papers on Journal with Impact Factor and other 50 papers including books chapters and articles in other journals. I list here some papers representative of my work.

Capizzi D., Bertolino S., Mortelliti A., 2014. Rating the rat: global patterns and research priorities in impacts and management of rodent pests. Mammal Review 44: 148-162.
Di Febbraro M., Lurz P.W.W., Genovesi P., Maiorano L., Girardello M., Bertolino S. 2013. The use of climatic niches in screening procedures for introduced species risk assessments: a case with the American Eastern grey squirrel. PLoS ONE 8(7): e66559
Signorile A.L., Wang J., Lurz P.W.W., Bertolino S., Carbone C., Reuman D.C. 2014. Do founder size, genetic diversity and structure influence rates of expansion of North American grey squirrels in Europe? Diversity and Distribution 20: 918-930
Bertolino S., Viterbi R. 2010. Long-term cost-effectiveness of coypu (Myocastor coypus) control in Piedmont (Italy). Biological Invasions 12: 2549-2558
Bertolino S. 2009. Animal trade and non-indigenous species introduction: the world-wide spread of squirrels. Diversity and Distribution 15: 701-708
Bertolino S., Lurz P.W.W., Sanderson R., Rushton S. 2008. Predicting the Spread of the American Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in Europe: a Call for a Co-ordinated European Approach. Biological Conservation 141: 2564-2575