Workshop Kirchhain 2009

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Action FA0803


Mr. Christophe Peeters

COST Office 

149 Avenue Louise

1050 Brussels


Kirchhain, 04.05.2009 

Request for financial support for the COLOSS Workshop “Standardization of methods for vitality test” to be held in Kirchhain, Germany on 28.7. - 1.8.2009


Dear Mr. Peeters, 

the Bee Research institute Kirchhain is organizing a workshop to standardize methods for vitality testing for members of COLOSS working group 4 (limited to a maximum of 27 participants). One central goal of the cooperation in WG4 is to develop and publish a standard protocol for the testing of honeybee genotypes with respect to their vitality and disease resistance. This protocol will be valuable complement to the Apimondia recommendations on performance testing of honey bees, published in 1972. During the workshop different testing methods will be presented, discussed and compared in practice. 

The bee institute in Kirchhain keeps about 250 colonies and has a rich experience in performance and vitality testing. The workshop will include an excursion to a governmental honey bee test station in Bavaria and a demonstration of the breeder association "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Toleranzzucht" in which about 125 private breeders cooperate in the field of vitality selection of honey bees in Germany.

I am kindly requesting the approval of 2.800 € financial support to organize the workshop. The money is mainly needed to rent 3 mini busses and cover the costs of transport to the different demonstration locations.

Local organizer: 

Dr. Ralph Büchler