Due to limited fund availability, the decision to reimburse COLOSS event attendees is made by the Executive Committee, in consultation with the General Assembly, on a regular basis. Funds apportioned to each event are to be used at the reasonable discretion of the local organizer.

This can include:

  •  Local organizer support (e.g. room & equipment rental, snacks, photocopying, etc.)
  •  Travel (economy class)  reimbursement to participants
  •  Accommodation (up to 3 stars) reimbursement to participants

The local organizer should describe in detail the approximate amount of reimbursement available to attendees during the first announcements of the event. This budget should also be made clear to the Executive Committee prior to the event.

To be reimbursed (according to Local Organizer instructions), the following must be submitted as original, hard-copies:

  1. Completed and signed COLOSS Travel Reimbursement Form (Excel)
  2. Original receipts, including:
    • For air travel:
      • Boarding passes
      • Flight ticket/receipt (with price clearly marked)
    • For road travel (0.30 Eur/km):
      • Route plan showing distance (printout of internet application; e.g. Google Maps)


All documents should be mailed to the University of Bern:

University of Bern

Vetsuisse Faculty


Bremgartenstrasse 109a, Postfach 8466

3001 Bern, Switzerland