EC Election Candidates 2022

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First Name: Alexander

Last Name: Mikheyev


Affiliation: Australian National University

Country: Australia

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Short biography: I am an evolutionary biologist with broad interests, focusing on understanding the effects humans have on the animals around us. Honey bee parasites and diseases fascinate me as models of emergent spread. My work has focused extensively on varroa evolution, ranging from macroevolutionary processes driving speciation to understanding how host switches occur. I started my scientific career in the United States, before leading a lab in Japan and ultimately settling in Australia. I wasn’t sure how feasible it would be to continue working on varroa on the only continent that didn’t have it. Unfortunately, it has just been detected, giving my work there extra imperative.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Australian honey bees will now face threats by varroa mites and their viruses, similar to those in other countries worldwide. The recent incursion makes it important that Australian scientists play a key role in forming global collaborations and learning from others’ experiences. I am eager to form these connections, building on my previous role as a host of COLOSS Asia in Okinawa, Japan in 2021:

First Name: Alexis

Last Name: Beaurepaire


Affiliation: Institute of Bee Health – University of Bern

Country: Switzerland

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Short biography: I am a postdoctoral researcher working at the Institute of Bee Health, University of Bern, Switzerland. I have a M.Sc degree in Evolutionary Biology and obtained a PhD about the interactions between honey bees and ectoparasitic mites at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in 2017. My main interests are host-parasite interactions, conservation of biodiversity and population genetics. I am an active member of different COLOSS taskforces (mostly Virus and Survivors) since 2017, and I have taken part of the COLOSS Ring Test Project from 2017 to 2019. In a more personal side, I am a French citizen, 34 years old, married and father of two.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Being an active member of COLOSS for multiple years, I have benefited greatly from the fruitful discussions, collaborations and networking opportunities facilitated by the association. I would now like to further help COLOSS to grow by joining the EC team. I would be truly delighted to have the opportunity to help with the organization, development and management of the association, and to work in close collaboration with other members of the EC. Notably, being based in Bern is surely a good asset for the management of administrative issues, which I would gladly help with if I am elected.

First Name: Asli

Last Name: Ozkirim


Affiliation: Hacettepe University

Country: Turkey

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Short biography: More than 25 years of experience as microbiologist, epidemiological field researcher, data analyst and reporter. Experience of conducting fieldworks about honey bee diseases in whole regions of Turkey, organisations and international collaboration of laboratory assays, testing the new antimicrobial compounds against honey bee pathogens. 14 years a member of organization team of COLOSS meetings including in Turkey 2010 as EC member of COLOSS Assoc. andmore than 10 years responsible of preparing proceedings of Coloss meetings (with Maria Bouga/Greece). One of the authors of COLOSS BEEBOOK. Academic and teaching skills on Microbiology, Parasitology, Honey bee Diseases, Microflora of Insects, Probiotics, Honey bee welfare, Hygienic Bee Products and academic writing skills. Practical experience in conducting Risk Assessments of Honey bee Diseases as a member of Risk Assessment committee of Ministry of Agriculture. Invited speaker for 226 meetings of beekeepers.

Motivation to stand in EC election: During 2005-2006 period, huge level of honey bee colony losses were observed in all over the world. COLOSS was created in that years. From the beginning I have been in COLOSS in WG1(Monitoring), WG2 and CSI Pollen TF, Nutrition TF and B-RAP CP and organised 2 workshops (Nosema and Cage Design) and 1 combined workshop(WG2 and WG4) and 1 Coloss GA in Turkey. Sometimes I join the common experiments, sometimes being an experiment leader. So, I would like to be candidate to work at EC accompanying with the key word as“ Prevention” during COLOSS activities. I would like to follow Prevention of Genetic by keeping the races, ecotypes and biodiversity; Prevention of Environment by concentrating on the hazard effects of chemicals, pesticides and pollution factors; Prevention of Health by honey bee well fare is as important as diagnosing. Prevention of Products by producing safety ve products with no residues, no chemicals.

First Name: Asmaa

Last Name: Anwer


Affiliation: Plant protection research institute

Country: Egypt

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Short biography: Prof.dr.Asmaa Anwar Eissa Beekeeping Research department ,plant protection research institute,member state of Arab union of beekeepers,Gharbia association of beekeepers ,supervised some Master and Ph students,published about 30papers in international and local journals,interest in beekeeping and climate change,shared many work shops and conferences (local and international)
Pricibal investigator (project about bees diseases )reviewer in 3journals.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Bees are the most important insects all over the world so we need to develop the beekeeping and bees ,we have to do our best to help bees for our life to be successful producing best seeds,vegetables,fruits wher we need bees to safe our food.

First Name: Aygun

Last Name: Schiesser


Affiliation: Hacettepe University

Country: Turkey

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Short biography: I have been working as a research scientist at Hacettepe University Biology Department Honey Bee Health Laboratory since 2007. I received my PhD degree in 2014 with my study on Determination of Paenibacillus larvae genotypes in Turkey and antimicrobial effect of different propolis samples on these genotypes. Currently, I mostly work on environmental factors affecting bee health, dynamics between nectar microbiome and pollinatory bees, antimicrobial products effective on bee diseases, and areas of use of bee products. I have projects, publications, and presentations on these research fields. I occasionally become a speaker at beekeeping seminars. I also enjoy giving training on bees and bee products to children and adults who are not related to the beekeeping industry. I am one of the Editors of the scientific journal called Mellifera and the Vice- Director of the Hacettepe University Bee and Bee Products Application and Research Center. I am an active member of Coloss since 2009.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I have been actively participating in many working groups in the Coloss for 13 years. I worked as a organizer at Coloss conference and workshops held in Turkey. I intensively participated in the Nosema studies within the bee health group and the CSI: Pollen task. In addition, I am involved in the Monitoring project, and I am planning to carry out survey in Turkey for the season. I am also a member of the Nutrition task force. Although I could not actively participate in many studies during the pandemic like many members, I think this will change in the post-pandemic period. As someone who has observed many senior scientists managing this network for years, I sincerely wish to serve Coloss and take a more active role. I think that my organizational and communication skills are my strengths and that taking part in the EC will also improve my management skills. As a young researcher who knows the history of this great network, I will be happy to be a part of the future of Coloss.

First Name: Braimoh

Last Name: Waheed


Affiliation: Kumofarm Nigeria Limited

Country: Nigeria

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Short biography: I was born on the 24th of April, 1968 in the city of Lagos Nigeria and attend both my primary and secondary school in the city of Lagos, Lagos state, Nigeria. I furthered my education by proceeding to Former Anambra State University of Technology now known as Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra state of Nigeria to study Applied biochemistry which I graduated with a Bachelor degree. I started a Bee farming company in 1998, integrated with mycology and aquaculture till present.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I crave passion for biodiversity preservation and therefore always in a quest of knowing the world geography to better the planet Earth.

First Name: Christian

Last Name: Pirk


Affiliation: University of Pretoria

Country: South Africa

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Short biography: Christian Pirk is a full Professor in the Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Pretoria and a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa and a fellow of the African Academy of Science. Prof Pirk leads the Social Insects Research Group, which is a vibrant group of more than 20 members including faculty members, visiting researchers, post docs and post graduate students. His main research interest is on social insects, using a multi-disciplinary approach by combining mathematics, chemical ecology, behavioural studies, population analysis and molecular ecology. One research focus lies in the reproductive division of labour in honeybees and the resulting potential conflicts among members of an insect colony and the role of chemical ecology in resolving these conflicts. His research into pollinators ecology and pollinators health, including the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides, contribute directly to food security and sustainable agriculture.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Christian is involved in the COLOSS Network since its inception. He is serving on the EC for the last two terms and is working on increasing the African footprint within the network. He is actively involved in evaluation of the status of pests and diseases in Africa as well as the use of pesticides and their effects on pollinators, especially honey bees. That all feeds into his other focus area understanding the causes of colony losses in South Africa. Small Hive Beetle biology is as well part of his research, although SHB causes little to no damage in Sub-Saharan Africa, it helps to understand the global effect of this invasive species.

First Name: Chuleui

Last Name: Jung


Affiliation: Andong National University

Country: Korea Republic

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Short biography: I studied from Seoul National University in Korea and finished PhD from Oregon State University in Entomology. Once accepted in Andong National University, he teaches entomology, ecology, acarology, honeybee science and pollination, and ecosystem modeling. My research activities are oriented to the ecological processes and interactions of beneficial insects and arthropods with mutualistic ecosystem services such as biocontrol and pollination for the sustainable agriculture coping with global food problems. Recently more focus on honey protection and apicultural development with national and international partners. From my lab, I published more than 250 scientific papers and several book chapters. He also served scientific associations and journals as editor or editorial boards.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I would like to stand in EC election representing Asia region as I had been working closely with our Asian scientists and formulate the network in Coloss. Coloss Asian meeting in 2020 in Thailand (online participation). Diverse research activities in collaboration with COLOSS members. Recently conducted asia-pacific Neonicotinoid assessment involved in Vespa monitoring. Involved in overwintering monitoring Appearance in Coloss meetings.

First Name: Cooper

Last Name: Schouten


Affiliation: Southern Cross University

Country: Australia

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Short biography: Dr Cooper Schouten is the Project Leader for Bees for Sustainable Livelihoods Research Group at Southern Cross University. Cooper has extensive beekeeping research, capacity building, training and extension experience working in developing countries with local government, private sector and NGO’s. Cooper currently oversees projects with AgriFutures Australia and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research projects in the Indo-Pacific region, he is an editorial board member of the journal Bee World, an active member of the NSW Apiarists Association and is a keen beekeeper with experience in organic commercial operations.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I am keen to improve conversations and relationships with leadership and regional coordinators of COLOSS and provide representation of and with beekeeping industries in the Indo-Pacific region where I have ongoing and active multilateral beekeeping research partnerships.

First Name: Dany

Last Name: El-Obeid


Affiliation: Faculty of Agriculture – Lebabese University

Country: Lebanon

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Short biography: Dany El-Obeid who holds a PhD in agricultute is a beekeeper and an agricultural engineer. He is also titular of an MBA. In addition to Arabic, which is his mother tongue, Dany is fluent in French and English and intermediate Greek. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Lebanese University in Lebanon where he resides. Dany is also a partner in the Safeagrobee project. His research focuses on bees, hive products as well as vulgarization work, most of which is published in Arabic to fill in a gap in Arabic research in that area. Dany is a member of the EXCO committee of the Lebanese beekeeper syndicate and also in the Arabic Beekeeping association working in 22 Arabic countries. @beelebanon

Motivation to stand in EC election: I am following Coloss few years now. Two years ago I decided to become a member and this year I believe it is time to join the team and be helpful to the Coloss community. It is an important opportunity for me to share experience and also to make the voice of global south heard since we live in a different context.

First Name: Geoff

Last Name: Williams


Affiliation: Auburn University

Country: United States

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Short biography: An Associate Professor at Auburn University in United States, I experienced my first bee sting at the age of 23 and have been hooked ever since! I completed my Ph.D. at Canada’s Dalhousie University, where I studied the fungal parasite Nosema ceranae. Next, I spent 6 years in Switzerland working at the Swiss Bee Research Center and the University of Bern, studying interactions between parasites and parasites. During that time, I also worked alongside COLOSS’ Executive Committee members to establish the organization as an association, to handle its finances, and to co-organize its annual conference. Since 2016, I have worked at Auburn University. There my lab focuses on improving the health of both honey bees and non-Apis species, specifically by performing research and outreach concerning pesticides, parasites, and forage. In addition to my university duties, I am currently the Vice President of COLOSS, and the President of the Bee Informed Partnership.

Motivation to stand in EC election: COLOSS has been near and dear to me ever since I first attended a workshop in Bologna in 2011. Since that time I have strived to promote the association to the best of my ability, primarily in an administrative role such as securing finances for workshops and conferences, drafting of statutes and Standard Operating Procedures, and working alongside other Executive Committee members and local organizers to host its annual conference. If elected to the Executive Committee, I would like to focus on securing long-term funds for COLOSS, to assisting with annual conference organization, and to expanding COLOSS into North America. Now that I work in North America, and am centrally located around many honey bee labs in the U.S. southeast, I am uniquely positioned to make this happen as we aim to host COLOSS meetings across the globe.

First Name: Hatem

Last Name: Sharaf


Affiliation: Economic Entomology and Pesticide Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo university

Country: Egypt

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Short biography: I work as Associate professor of Apiculture in Cairo and Heliopolis universities. I suppose that my 15 years of solid experience and diverse capabilities in apiculture and research make me a suitable candidate to successfully fulfill this position Furthermore I built a strong relationships network with most of the beekeepers using my Facebook educational Page” “. During my time working as Cairo university apiary supervisor, I was the second-in-charge in leading apiary team. I was charged with the responsibility of helping manage a range of critical projects from conception to delivery. Currently, I am involved in MedBEESinessHubs project as external expert from Egypt. I have excellent skills in Research and development and apicultural techniques. I believe that the above qualities and experiences would make me a valuable addition to your project.

Motivation to stand in EC election: The current state of honey bee in Middle East and Africa is promising and needs more investigations to maximize it benefits. Despite the lack of low Capabilities, Egypt exported bee packages and products in 2021 with a value of 300 M dollars while most of beekeepers still lose 20-30% of their hives yearly for unknown reasons as they suffer from the lack of certified scientific knowledge.

First Name: Hlaing

Last Name: Min Oo


Affiliation: University of Veterinary Science Myanmar

Country: Myanmar

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Short biography: I got my PhD in honey bee health. Honey Bee Research and Associate Professor at the University of Veterinary Science, Yezin, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. specialized research on bee products and bee health.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I am a consultant for the Myanmar Beekeeper Association. I managed bee health meetings and I motivated to celebrate World Bee Day in Myanmar. I participated in the Asian COLOSS in Chiang Mai, with Prof. Dr. Panuwan. And join the meeting for the B-RAP survey and meeting. I would like to participate on behalf of the Myanmar Beekeeping Association and be a bee researcher.

First Name: Huoqing

Last Name: Zheng


Affiliation: Zhejiang University

Country: China

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Short biography: I am leading a group working on honeybee diseases at Zhejiang University, China. I received PhD in 2009 at Zhejiang University, with part of the project done at University of Pretoria during the visiting from 2007 to 2008. After a postdoctoral period, I accepted a faculty position in College of Animal Sciences, Zhejiang University. From 2012 to 2013, I worked at USDA-ARS Bee Research Lab, Beltsville, Maryland, as a visiting scientist. I am now a regional coordinator of COLOSS in Asia and a member of the editorial board of Viruses. Taking advantage of the presence of both Apis cerana and Apis mellifera in the area, I am particularly interested in the host shift of honeybee parasites and pathogens, e.g. Varroa destructor and viruses, between the two honeybee species. I am a duty scientist of National Beekeeping Industry Technology System in China. In the system, I have the responsivity to develop sustainable solutions against honeybee pests and pathogens.

Motivation to stand in EC election: In the honeybee world, what we have known is only a tip of the iceberg. Among the nine honeybee species, only Apis mellifera has been extensively examined, while others were much less studied due to their distribution limited in Asia. Of the five honeybee species native in China, A. cerana is widely managed. It is uncertain if the sister species holds the keys to prevent colony losses of A. mellifera, but I believe that “learning from each other’ is important to improve the health status of both the honeybee species. I have been collaborating with several international teams for more than 10 years and obtained fruitful results. As a regional coordinator of COLOSS in Asia, I co-organized COLOSS-Asia meeting in 2021. I hope to build a bridge between the eastern (honeybees) and the western (honeybees). I think the best route to achieve this is to be a COLOSS EC member.

First Name: Lekhnath

Last Name: Kafle


Affiliation: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan

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Short biography: I am Lekhnath Kafle, living and working in Taiwan for the last 20 years. I got my Ph.D. from National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan. After Ph.D., I worked at NTU, Taiwan again as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Currently, I m working as an Associate Professor at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Our IPM Laboratory focuses on the development of new techniques to manage varroa mites on Apis mellifera and improve the productivity of honeybees. I also have experience working as an agricultural officer under the Ministry of Agriculture, Nepal Government.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I m currently just a registered member of COLOSS. I do not have previous experience working with it and it’s any sub-committee. However, I would like to enter the COLOSS committee and serve the members and society. I could represent well from eastern Asia. I have experience working with other NGOs, I will use those experiences here.

First Name: Linde

Last Name: Morawetz


Affiliation: Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES)

Country: Austria

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Short biography: During my whole research biography I have been working with bees. First, I worked with the vibrational communication of stingless bees during my master studies and continued with the sensory biology of bumblebees and honeybees during my PhD. I did both my Master and PhD at the University of Vienna. After my PhD I worked as a postdoc at the University of Wuerzburg with focus on the visual system of the honeybee (2013-2014). Since 2014, I’ve been working at the Department for Apiculture and Bee Protection of the AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security), since 2020 as Deputy Head of the Department. Among others my tasks involve conducting research projects concerning bee health, teaching courses for bee keepers and producing high quality information material for beekeepers (folders, videos, articles). Since 2019 I have been co-chair of the B-RAP core group. In my understanding the message is only as good as the way it is told.

Motivation to stand in EC election: As a co-chair of the core group B-RAP I aim to represent B-RAP in the EC. As B-RAP is all about improving the scientific communication, a good connection with the task-forces and other core-groups is essential to understand their needs and problems. This allows B-RAP to continue its effort to provide trainings and workshops customized for COLOSS researchers. During my time as B-RAP co-chair we conducted two international online surveys describing information habits and needs of researchers and beekeepers. We organized 6 training workshops about communication: 4 for all COLOSS members and two for 2 TF and CP communicators. I presented the work of the group in several conferences. Additionally I am involved in the planning of various COLOSS events in the next year (COLOSS Africa Workshop, COLOSS/SOLATINA conference). I have been active in the Velutina Task Force and attend regularly meetings of task forces such as the Varroa task force or the Virus task force.

First Name: Maria

Last Name: Bouga


Affiliation: Agricultural University of Athens

Country: Greece

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Short biography: Dr. Maria Bouga received her PhD in Biology, specialized in Genetics on honey bees. She is collaborating with the Laboratory of Agricultural Zoology & Entomology of Agricultural University of Athens, Greece and she is responsible for the Molecular Unit. Her research and teaching activities cover aspects of Molecular Taxonomy, Genetics and Apiculture focused on genetics of honey bee, honey dew insects and Varroa destructor. She is involving also on the conservation of native bee populations. She has been involved actively in COLOSS since 2008 and has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2014. She is currently the Senior Editor of the Journal of Apicultural Research. She is author of many publications in peer reviewed journals and many contributions to International, European, National Conferences, Workshops and technical journals.

Motivation to stand in EC election: She has been involved actively in COLOSS since 2008, as a member of the Executive and Management Committee and Financial Rapporteur of the COLOSS network (COST Action FA0803, member of the Executive Committee since 2014 and member of RNSBB and other Task Forces.

First Name: Michael

Last Name: Krelle


Affiliation: Deutscher Imker Bund

Country: Germany

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Short biography: Ich heiße Michael Krelle, bin 47 Jahre alt. Ich beschäftige mich mit der Honigbiene seit ca 30 Jahren. Ich engagiere mich als Wespen und Hornissen Berater aktiv für den Stechimmen Schutz.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Ich möchte mich zur Wahl stellen um meinen Teil zur Förderung des Vereins bei zutragen. Die Forderungen zur Honigbiene sind wichtig und müssen weiter vorangetrieben werden. Ich stelle mich in Form meiner Bewerbung dieser Herausforderungen.

First Name: Norman

Last Name: Carreck


Affiliation: University of Sussex

Country: United Kingdom

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Short biography: I have been keeping bees for over forty years and have been a bee research scientist for over thirty years. I have lectured about bees on all continents where bees are kept, have written many scientific papers, book chapters, conference contributions and popular articles, have edited several books and regularly appeared in the media in many countries. I am a director of Carreck Consultancy Ltd and Bee Publishing Ltd and I am based at the University of Sussex, UK.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I have been involved in COLOSS since Belfast in 2008. I became an MC member for the UK towards the end of the original COST Action and then became an EC Member in COLOSS V2.0. As Senior Editor of the Journal of Apicultural Research from 2007-2018, I co-edited the Special Issues on “honey bee colony losses” (2010), “honey bee genotypes and the environment” (2014), and “honey” (2018), all of which resulted from COLOSS projects. I am part of the editorial team for the COLOSS BEEBOOK including Vol III published in 2021 and the forthcoming Vol IV. I am also on the editorial teams of the forthcoming COLOSS books “Sustainable bee breeding – why and how”, “Integrated varroa management for sustainable beekeeping”. I was National co-ordinator for England and Wales for the CSI Pollen Project, and am also involved in B-RAP and RNSBB. I am COLOSS Press Officer responsible for putting out Press Releases, and have also written a number of popular articles promoting COLOSS.

First Name: Noureddin

Last Name: Maatouf


Affiliation: Centre de Recherche Forestière

Country: Morocco

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Short biography: I’m a Doctor researcher in entomology. I am interested in the characterization of pollinators in semi-natural environments (forests, agricultural landscapes, …) for their preservation in the future.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Up to now, I think I have no engagement.

First Name: Peter

Last Name: Neumann


Affiliation: Institute of Bee Health, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern

Country: Switzerland

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Short biography: Peter’s first love were ants, but he ended up marrying (scientifically) our beloved honey bees. Towards the end of his pipette-driven PhD in bee genetics, he met his pet in Africa: the small hive beetle. There was almost nothing known about this pest and he was able to read the entire literature in about a week. During the post-doc-soft-money-lottery and his hive tool and smoker world tour from Africa, Australia, China, Thailand and the US to Switzerland, he never lost his fascination for bees and this beetle. Further, becoming a COLOSSal president during his pupation at the Swiss Bee Research centre turned out to be a demanding hobby. After metamorphosis and adult emergence as a veterinarian Prof for bee health in Bern, he finally got a major grant on small hive beetle. Then, Peter worked happily with his pet and other threats to honey bees until his retirement (and beyond).

Motivation to stand in EC election: In 2008, I have been elected in absentia as Chair of the COST Action COLOSS. Thanks to my continuous management and steering investment (incl. substantial fundraising) together with the EC and other active COLOSS members, COLOSS evolved since into a global association for promoting the health and well-being of honey bees. In 2013, I was anonymously elected as President of our Association by the general COLOSS Assembly and have been re-elected twice since. I was truly delighted by this trust of our members and apparent appreciation of my work. For the next period, I would very much like to continue supporting and further developing COLOSS as a member of the EC and believe that my experience will probably be helpful for doing so. I would therefore be most grateful given that I will be re-elected as an EC member.

First Name: Rajini

Last Name: Arjun


Affiliation: International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT)

Country: India

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Short biography: Twenty years of experience in Agricultural Pesticide Industry (Contract Research Organization). Currently working as Study Director in Department of Toxicology/Ecotoxicology and Animal House In-Charge at IIBAT. Interested in challenging work environment and explore the field of toxicology/ecotoxicology. Completed Lead Auditor course – ISO 9001-2015 – Quality Management Systems, Intertek. Certified member of European Registered Toxicologist (ERT), (Feb 2021). Life Member of Society of Toxicology, India and Society for Alternatives in Animal Experiments, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India. Membership with European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) and COLOSS, Honeybee Research Association, University of Bern, Switzerland. Committee member for translation of the book “Guide for the care and use of Laboratory Animals” (Eighth Edition) National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A at IIBAT to regional language (Tamil) of Tamil Nadu.

Motivation to stand in EC election: Motivation to stand in EC election is to support the association with my experience wherever applicable and knowledge sharing. COLOSS gave me an opportunity to understand about bee sustainability and as a member had participated in few task groups. As a part of Nutri TF 2021 (WG3 I volunteered for Proposed National coordinator) from India. As an ecotoxicologist maintained Apiary and it gave me the interest to explore about the importance of bee and the concern about Apis mellifera species decline in Europe. COLOSS online conference 2020 opened the window to the other side of world and COLOSS Association and its team member’s commitment made it possible and it was very inspiring.

First Name: Ravi

Last Name: Timsina


Affiliation: Tribhuvan University

Country: Nepal

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Short biography: I am Ravi Timsina, a graduate student at the Central Department Of Zoology, Tribhuvan University, and the owner of the website Currently, I am involved in my master’s research, where I am trying to evaluate the hygienic behavior of honey bees. I have been awarded multiple graduate scholarships for my academic performance. I am particularly fascinated by social insects and their mode of life, and I am concerned about their futures in this changing world. Apart from that, I come from Pokhara, which is rich in bee fauna – we have the world’s largest bee(Apis laboriosa) right around our place. In addition, I love to play football and have been trying my hand at boxing recently.

Motivation to stand in EC election: The encouraging letter that COLOSS sent is why I stand in the EC election. I learned about COLOSS and its activity through a bee book. I was researching various ways to perform scientific research on honey bees and found the bee book in extremely helpful. I belong to Nepal, a landlocked country in Asia. We have a vast diversity of bees, as evident by the fact that our country boasts five species of honey bees and has stingless bees to its belt. Honey farmers typically keep Apis cerana or Apis mellifera, depending on geographic and climatic variations. However, scientific research on these bees is severely lacking. I know that COLOSS and its activities can immensely benefit individuals trying to help honey bees survive. Unfortunately, I lack experience, but I am motivated to give my best to the organization and learn from everyone. And yes, I would like to play a role in expanding the global reach of COLOSS, knowing how instrumental it was for me to know more about honey bees.

First Name: Robert

Last Name: Brodschneider


Affiliation: University of Graz

Country: Austria

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Short biography: Robert Brodschneider, born 1976, has a master and PhD degree in Biology working at the University of Graz, Austria. Since 2000 he is studying various aspects of the honey bee, including physiology, nutrition and colony losses. His history of research grants include national and European Union fundings. In COLOSS, he already served three periods as Executive member, and is co-chair of the COLOSS core project on monitoring of honey bee colony losses. Robert (co-)authored more than 40 scientific papers, h index = 21. Robert is also editor of the journal Bee World.

Motivation to stand in EC election: I would like to continue my work in the so important and visible core project on honey bee colony losses. Therefore a seat in the executive committee would enable good communication as representative of this core project with the lead of the whole COLOSS association. For COLOSS I wish to make further progress for the association, and increase visibility in the general public and credibility among stakeholders.

First Name: Silvio

Last Name: Erler


Affiliation: Julius Kuehn – Institute (JKI), Institute for Bee Protection

Country: Germany

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Short biography: Since 2022 – Privatdozent (lecturer) at Technische Universität Braunschweig, Zoological Institute. Since 2020 – Deputy head of the institute, Institute for Bee Protection at JKI. 2019-2020 – Senior research associate at Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI) – Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for Bee Protection (Germany). 2018-2019 – Deputy chair of ‘Animal Ecology’ at MLU Halle-W. (Germany). 2013-2018 – Lecturer at MLU Halle-W. (Germany). 2012-2013 – PostDoc (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca). 2012 – Dr. rer. nat. (Martin-Luther-University Halle-W. Germany). 2008 – Diploma in Biology (Martin-Luther-University Halle-W. Germany).

Motivation to stand in EC election: I’m a COLOSS member since 2009 and attended several workshops and conference incl. the general assembly. Since few years I’m active member of the Nutrition TF. In 2016 I already applied to become an EC member but failed with getting not enough votes. I guess it is now the perfect time to try it again, to support COLOSS, with becoming an EC member.

First Name: Victoria

Last Name: Soroker


Affiliation: Agricultural Research Organization (The Volcani Center)

Country: Israel

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Short biography: I am a senior researcher specializing in chemical ecology, physiology and integrated pest management and a Coloss member since 2008. My focus is on evaluation of honeybee losses as well as at developing approaches to Varroa management including methods directed at reduction of Varroa fitness as well as at promoting honeybee individual and social resistance via breeding. It involves both basic and applied aspects. Much of my research is done in collaboration with COLOSS members, as I am an active participant in the Monitoring Core project and in Varroa Control and RNSBB Task forces. Within these groups I am initiating activities, participating in common experiments, writing common articles and book chapters. In particular, I co-authored three chapters in the BeeBook, a chapter in a book about Asian beekeeping in 21st century as well as in a number of manuscripts. In 2019 I organized and hosted two Coloss workshops at my institute ARO, Israel: Varroa control and RNSBB.

Motivation to stand in EC election: My motivation comes from my strong belief in the supremacy of international collaboration for solving global problems and thus in Coloss aims. Furthermore, I believe that our association should continue to grow promoting international networking and research collaborations as well as supporting young researchers particularly from developing countries, thus contributing not only to honeybee welfare but to the society in general. I serve as EC member since 2013 and since 2019 as one of the Varroa Control TF leaders. As an EC member, I am active in contributing to decision making of Coloss EC and assisting in meeting organizations. As the EC member, I wish to contribute to Coloss further development and prominence.