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At the 18th COLOSS Conference, the General Assembly (GA) of COLOSS will elect a 15 Executive Committee (EC) to run the network according to COLOSS’ statutes for the next three years. It should be composed of individuals from at least two continents and at least five countries. We therefore encourage applications from all horizons. EC members are expected to be fully committed to COLOSS’ mission and to share the duties of directing and operating the association. ECs meet online twice a month to discuss current affairs and typically invest a few hours of work per week towards the required tasks. Further details about the association’s aims and the responsibilities of the EC can be found in COLOSS’ statutes (https://coloss.org/statutes/).

The newly elected EC will elect from within its ranks a president and vice president. Other positions (e.g. secretary, treasurer) are possible. These positions will also be for three years, and re-elections at future annual meetings will also be possible.

Who can vote?

Any member of COLOSS that is  during the 2022 GA online meeting on the  November 3, 2022 can vote via secret ballot.

Who can stand in the election?

Any member of COLOSS can stand for election to the EC, including those not present at the GA.

To stand for election, please fill in the form below by 18.00 Central European Time on October 12, 2022.

Your name, affiliation, short biography and motivation letter will be posted on the COLOSS website ahead of the conference to allow for the members to decide who they will vote for.


Sorry! The application deadline has passed. ☹️