Varroa TF members – SAVE THE DATE *26th of October*

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Dear Varroa task force member,

We wish to invite you to our annual zoom group meeting.

This is again via zoom and hopefully for the last time.

The meeting is planned on 26th of October and is planned to last for 2 hours with 10 min brake.

In general we plan to devote one hour for the reports of the three currently running group activities:

  1. CSI Varroa monitoring
  2. Varroa Acaricide resistance
  3. Brood interruption

Another hour we plan to devote to short presentations max three (10 min  each) and 30 min for discussions and future plans.

We kindly ask anyone that plan to give a presentation or suggest a new activity contact one of us until October 10.

Looking forward to your active participation,


Fani, Marin and Vicky