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Bozidar Gasic
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BUP- Belgrade
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I currently work as Technical Consultant, acting on behalf of NOD Europe Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of NOD Apiary Products Ltd with head office in Frankfurt, Ontario, Canada. NOD Apiary Products is a manufacturer of organic products for treatment of Varroosis caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees - Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS Beehive Strips) and Formic Pro (MAQS+). We actively support the COLOSS and research that is focused on improving the health and sustainability of bees at a global level.
Personally, I have considerable experience in the areas of beekeeping and honey production and supply. I have been involved in all aspects of beekeeping from bees selection and installation to setting up and maintaining a healthy beehive through the beekeeping season and honey harvest. My main focus is on ensuring a healthy bee population through appropriate bee health prevention and management.
I’ve also had an active role in representing the needs of beekeepers and bees to raise public awareness and make sure they are top of the Government agriculture and environmental agendas.