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Brian McCall
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I have been a beekeeper/hobbyist for over 20 seasons and have been lucky enough to have worked hives across multiple continents.  Originally looking after my first hive in Canada, I moved to New Zealand with my wife and continued that passion.  I have noticed big differences in environment, behaviour and management techniques in the two countries.  I am keen to work toward an auditing and research role in the coming years as I try to understand the impacts in this country.  Although limited to my 4 hives, I trial many of the products to find what works for me.  I am greatly impacted by the beekeepers around me and find myself reacting to my hives.  I have found my membership to IBRA great in adding to my knowledge but I am keen to expand always.  Overall my goal is to be able to help support the hives in New Zealand to the best of my ability.

Nutrition, Sustainable bee breeding, Varroa control, Virus