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Constantin Dobrescu
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ROMAPIS-The Federation of the Romanian Beekeeping Associations
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I was trained as a mechanical engineer (graduated Aircraft Faculty in Bucharest) but became more and more familiar with apiculture after starting a business in production of hives. Later on, I fell in love with bees and since more than 25 years my life has been entwined with beekeeping.

My professional activity related to beekeeping involved several and various aspects ranging from hives production, honey trade or organizing beekeeping trade fairs to testing bee medicines and commerce with beekeeping supplies. As member of the board of ROMAPIS (the Federation of the Romanian Beekeeping Associations) I was active in campaigning against abusive use of pesticides. Recently I led the activity of initiating research projects like assessment of benefits of cover crops specific to Romania for pollinators, detection the contamination with pesticides posing a risk to bees of agricultural crops and methods for improvement of the quality of beeswax used in hives.

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