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Jeroen Peters
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Wageningen Food Safety Research
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Jeroen Peters (male) is a bioanalytical research scientist and project leader having 25 years of experience on the development of immunoassays for all kind of compound-matrix combinations on a wide range of formats for food, feed and environmental samples. He is specialised in the validation and application of developed (multiplex) biosensors for the detection of pesticides, mycotoxins, drug residues (antibiotics), allergens, marine biotoxins and plant pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In this he has a large network of close collaborations in- and outside Europe, e.g. with companies like R-BioPharm and Europroxima, the Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Federal Center of Biotechnology (Moscow) and the Institute of Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, Zhejiang University(China). He is the Work Package leader of the diagnostics group in the H2020 EU project MOLOKO. He also participates in the innovation work package of the H2020 B-GOOD project for the development of pesticide screening assays and has extended that work into a newly granted national proposal (Public Private Collaboration for developing point of need pesticide testing for transparent and sustainable production chains).

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