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AANI- Associazione Apistica Naturale Italiana
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I am a teacher of natural beekeeping and also a beekeeper. In 2015 I created the first Italian natural beekeeping company dedicated to the promotion of natural beekeeping and the use of natural hives. We have created the first natural beekeeping association in Italy signed AANI. I am the president of AANI and spokesperson of the association. I deal directly with the promotion of projects dedicated to the world of wild bees such as "Rewilding Apis" where we want to combine agriculture with beekeeping, perhaps the only way to find a real solution to today's problems. "Rewilding Apis" aims to create a network of wild hives directly on farms where the agriculture with a sustainable system helps the colonies of Apis and they receives the free pollination service. Moreover, the association deals with the registration of wild hives present on the Italian territory thanks to the members scattered throughout the territory, as well as having information projects to raise public awareness on the issue of wild bees.