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Despina Popovska Stojanov
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Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje - Institute of Agriculture
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Education:Institution - [Date from - Date to] - Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture [2014-present] - MSc in Agricultural Economics and Rural DevelopmentFaculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food - Skopje [2010-2014] BSc in Agricultural EconomicsProfessional experience:[Date from - Date to] - Location- Company - Position - Description[01.03.2015 to present] - Skopje - Macedonia - University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Institute of Agriculture - Skopje - Associate researcherSystematization and development of the international scientific cooperation[2014 - present] - Skopje - Macedonia -University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Agriculture Science and Food - Skopje - Demonstrator - Responsible for the demonstrative part of the teaching for the subjects Rural development and Agricultural economy [2015] - Skopje - Macedonia - GEF - Project Assistant - Project Assistant for the Preparing a Country Programme Strategy (CPS) for the Operational Phase 6 (OP6) 2014-2018 of The GEF[2016] - Skopje - Macedonia - Municipality of Karposh - Expert - Preparation of a Programme and a System for support for the development of the agriculture - agro-tourism and rural areas in the Municipality of Karposh[2016] - Macedonia and Austria - Ministry of Education and Science - Young researcher - Honey bee colony losses in Austria and Macedonia: risk analysis and economic impactAnalysis:-Analysis of financial reports of several wineries and preparation of KPI-Analysis of the structural characteristics of the agricultural households in the Republic of Macedonia-Impact of the transition in the agricultural sector in the Republic of Macedonia-Analysis of the opportunities for rural development in the Municipality of Karposh (based on customized questionnaires)-Risk analysis of the honey bee colony losses-Analysis of the existing platform of the NGOs in the agricultural sector in MacedoniaCertificates:-Agribusiness Forum - organized by AIESEC - 2012-Practical course Methods based on PCR - organized by the Laboratory for Genetically Modified Organisms at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food - Skopje - Department of Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering - 2013-How to write successful project proposal and get EU funds - organized by the European Training Academy and Infosistem in Belgrade - Serbia - October 2017-METROFOOD-RI - Infrastructure for promoting metrology in food and nutrition - Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food - November 2017Workshops:-European Union - organized by the EU Information Centre in Skopje - 2009-The Framework Programme of the European Union for research and innovation HORIZON 2020 - the EU Programme COST and ERASMUS + programme - April 2015-Workshops within the Establishment of businesses inclusion project in multi-ethnic communities (Sectoral Approach to Policy Development for micro-businesses in rural areas) - organized by Strategic Development Consulting - supported by the British Embassy - April 2015-Consultative workshop on the Project for preparation of the Sector Planning Document 2015-2017 for the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector and Action Document 2015 by order of the European Union - organized by the Ministry of Agriculture - Forestry and Water Management - May 2015-Workshops for establishment of the National Rural Network - organized by the Ministry of Agriculture - Forestry and Water Management - May 2015-Horizon 2020 - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) - organized by of the Ministry of Education and Science - May 2015-The Young Academy of Sweden - organized by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts - May 2015-COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology - organized by of the Ministry of Education and Science - June 2015-Several workshops on Advisory Service Measure - organized by the Ministry of Agriculture - Forestry and Water Management within the NIMS Project - July 2015-Influence of the climate change on agriculture - organized by the Centre for environmental democracy Florozon - Skopje and the German Embassy in Skopje within the project Local action for global climate adaptation - June-July 2016-Several workshops within the project Support to the implementation of the Regional Initiative on Empowering Smallholders and Family Farms - financed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - March-May 2017 References:-Nestorovski T. - Popovski Z. - Saiti Z. - Popovska D. (2013) Optimization of conditions for separation of muscle proteins from different origin with SDS-PAGE. Symposium in Ulcinj - Montenegro -Popovska D. - Janeska Stamenkovska I. - Dimitrievski D. (2014) Impact of the crisis in the wine sector on the performances and financial status of wineries in the Republic of Macedonia. Scientific Conference Challenges in modern agricultural production organized by the Institute of Agriculture - Skopje - Book of Proceedings - 248-257 - UDC: 663.28:658.15(497.7); 663.28:338.124.4(497.7)-Azderski J. - Popovska D. (2015) Condition and production characteristics of sheep and goat breeding in the area at the confluence of the river Bregalnica. ISAF - Symposium in Ohrid - Macedonia -Azderski J. - Popovska D. (2015) Causes and consequences of migration and deagrarization in rural areas in the Republic of Macedonia. Agrosym in Jahorina - Bosnia and Herzegovina and then published in the Journal of Agriculture and Forestry - Vol. 61 - Issue 4: 263-269 - 2015 - Podgorica-Azderski J. - Tuna E. - Popovska D. - Pejkovski Z. - Bosev D. (2016) Development and implementation of a sustainable system of management adjusted to the rural economy. International Conference of the Association of Agricultural Economists of the Republic of Macedonia named Policy and economics for sustainable agricultural and rural development - Ohrid - Macedonia.-Popovska D. - Azderski J. (2017) Structural characteristics of farms in the Republic of Macedonia. 3rd International Symposium of Agriculture and Food ISAF 2017 - Ohrid - Macedonia.