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The COLOSS Task Force APITOX is composed of a group of independent scientists interested in bee toxicology. It emerged from discussions held during a scientific workshop at the 2013 European Beekeeping Congress BEECOME in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium.

The initial mission of the group was to support the EFSA guidance document ‘EFSA Guidance Document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees’, but this has since expanded to meet growing needs. Our current mandate and procedures can be found in our statutes.

Current aims

  • investigate the effects of environmental toxicants and routes of exposure of chemicals on bees
  • evaluate existing risks assessment protocols
  • identify necessary improvements to EFSA guidelines
  • identify most important EFSA guideline tests that need to be validated
  • organize international working groups for developing and ring-testing new OECD Test Guidelines
  • promote existing risk assessment protocols that are effective in protecting bees and bee colonies
  • fund raising at public level (e.g. nationally & internationally)


We encourage an open, unbiased discussion on the subject of bee toxicology. Therefore, members are requested to declare their independence as well as any conflict of interest with firms producing plant protection products prior to joining.

Currently, APITOX membership is restricted only to original founding members. An open call for membership requests will be made after an upcoming workshop in late November 2014.

Presentations given at the 2014 APITOX workshop at the COLOSS Conference:

The video above shows a number of behaviors triggered by pesticides on honey bees, often followed when bees were exposed to sublethal doses/concentrations. These observations are based on a publication by our members (Tosi and Nieh, 2019). The purpose of the video is to propose a reference so that researchers can identify typical abnormal behaviors observed in laboratory studies.

For more information about the APITOX TF, please contact our co-chairs.

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