2.2. Saline diluent formulas

Two saline diluent formulas are recommended. The simple formula (section 2.2.1.) is for insemination with fresh collected semen used for insemination the same day. The second formula (section 2.2.2.) is for storage and mixing of semen (Hopkins et al., 2012).

  • Use double distilled water to make all solutions. Add all of the components to a volumetric flask then add distilled water to make up a final volume
  • To sterilize the final product, use bacteriological filtering (pore size 0.2 µm)
    -        Solutions can also be heat sterilized at ~177ºC for 30 minutes
    -        Add amino acids and antibiotic only after heating
  • Adjust the pH of the final product to 8.6
    -        To increase the pH, use NaOH, sodium hydroxide
    -        To decrease the pH, use HCl, hydrochloric acid


2.2.2. Formula for semen storage and mixing