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Background and goals of the B-RAP group

Bridging Research and Practice (B-RAP) was established as a core project within the COLOSS association with the specific intention of supporting beekeepers and beekeeping by connecting science and beekeeping through the work of the beekeeping advisory services.

The main goal of B-RAP is to ensure that learning and research results reach the beekeepers and lead to improved practices. By connecting the beekeeper’s local knowledge resources with the scientific knowledge networks, a two-way exchange of knowledge is generated. The available beekeeping advisory services are usually the facilitators of this. When advisors work with transferring research results, they look at the scientific results in terms of the following aspects: relevance, credibility, accessibility, adaptability and complexity. All of these aspects are important when the results are being presented as practical knowledge that can improve beekeeping practice. In developing the best mechanisms for distributing innovation in beekeeping research among a wide range of beekeepers these different aspects must be considered.

Focus of B-RAP workshops 

To achieve successful knowledge exchange, researchers and advisers must be able to communicate research results and scientific innovations in beekeeping in a way that reaches and influences the beekeepers. Thus, over the next few years we will focus on increasing knowledge of the COLOSS members concerning tools, skills and relevant practical sociological theories in order to improve their dissemination practice. Each B-RAP workshop will cover a specific topic, that is connected with dissemination or extension. This may be a theoretical (sociological background) or practical topic (tools and/or skills for dissemination).

B-RAP information gathering activity

B-RAP is also performing surveys to get to know the beekeeping world better. In the last few years, three surveys were conceived with the aim of better understanding the actual situation concerning communication between researchers, advisers and beekeepers: (1) a survey among all members of COLOSS to understand how COLOSS members communicate their scientific results, (2) a survey among beekeepers to understand how beekeepers search for beekeeping information and (3) a survey to collect information on the structure of beekeeping training/education in all COLOSS countries.

The first B-RAP survey was conducted in 2019 to learn more about the COLOSS members. See the linked PDF for an overview of the results.

The second B-RAP survey about beekeepers’ sources of information is ended and the data is being processed. Results will be presented in 2021/2022. The third B-RAP survey will start in 2022.

Topics of recent B-RAP workshops

  • The topic of the last B-RAP workshop in Montreal on 7th September 2019 was Interactive multimedia tools. Download the workshop protocol here.
  • Workshop in Toledo, Spain 5th–6th of February 2020. Download the workshop Minutes here.
  • COLOSS eConference 2020, Workshop 1: 21.September 2020 & Workshop 2: 5.October 2020. Download the workshops protocol here.

Bridging research and practice. A functional advisory system with the ability to make scientific knowledge available and accessible for practical use, is essential and so is the knowledge and the needs generated by the beekeepers to be communicated to research through the same channels. The advisors facilitate that process.


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