COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes) is an international, non-profit association headquartered in Bern, Switzerland that is focussed on improving the well-being of bees at a global level. We are composed of scientific professionals that include researchers, veterinarians, agriculture extension specialists and students. We understand that cooperation and open dialogue are key to better understanding the reasons why bee populations are threatened in today’s world.
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COLOSS Executive Committee (EC) elections 2022

Dear COLOSS members, According to our statutes, we will democratically elect a new Executive Committee (EC) at our forthcoming General Assembly (GA) associated with the next COLOSS conference. The EC is right at the core of our network. COLOSS can simply not function without it. Therefore, it is crucial that dedicated members interested in actively…

*COLOSS Ricola Award 2022* AWARDEES

The *COLOSS Ricola Award 2022* awardees have been announced. Congratulations to the following members! Melanie Parejo (Spain) Sanchai Naree (Thailand) Spyridon Vlogiannitis (Greece) Zheguang Lin (China) [upme_profile_vc id=”732″ view=”compact” show_stats=”no” show_social_bar=”no”][upme_profile_vc id=”2450″ view=”compact” show_stats=”no” show_social_bar=”no”][upme_profile_vc id=”2439″ view=”compact” show_stats=”no” show_social_bar=”no”][upme_profile_vc id=”1812″ view=”compact” show_stats=”no” show_social_bar=”no”]

Untimely loss of Panuwan Chantawannakul †

On March 18th, 2022 our Vice President, colleague, and friend Panuwan Chantawannakul passed away. She was with her family, and many of her current and former students. She’s terribly missed. Several activities are being discussed so that we can celebrate her. We will keep you informed.