COLOSS Virus TF Meeting 2023, March 2 – 3, Warsaw, Poland

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Day 1: Thursday, March 2
Day 2: Friday, March 3


Registration fee: n/a (to be paid on site)

Registration deadline: Friday, February 17

Registration is closed. ☹️


COLOSS members only!

COLOSS is open to any scientific professional (e.g. researchers, veterinarians, extension agents) interested in the well-being of bees.

To request COLOSS membership, please go HERE; please note that the approval process may take several days, so request membership well in advanced of the workshop registration deadline.


Dear Virus Task Force members,

We are delighted to announce our next VTF meeting on 2nd and 3rd March 2023 at Warsaw, Poland.

This meeting creates the opportunity for VTF members to finally meet in person. Something we were looking forward. However, in case it is not possible to join us physically there will be the possibility of virtual connexion.

During this 2-day meeting, we will host some presentations from VTF members and we will continue our discussions of the current VTF tasks. We are welcoming abstracts for presentations until February 17th.

Please register through the COLOSS website (registration is free and will be opened in the first days of February).

Looking forward to see you!

Best wishes,
Anne and Orlando (Organizers)


Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Institute of Veterinary Medicine
159 Nowoursynowska Street
Building 24
Room 12 (ground floor)


The workshops will be held at Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW, ul. Nowoursynowska 159, Building 24, Room 12. There will be signs on the building door and inside to guide you to the meeting room. Online participation will also be possible.

Plane: Warsaw has two airports, Modlin and Fryderyk Chopin Airport. TheFryderyk Chopin Airport is the best choice, because it is in the city, and about 40 minute bus ride or 20 minute taxi ride to the campus (where your accommodation and the meeting is).

Taxis: (in which you can pay by card and cash) are outside the airport building, but you can easily take an Uber too (slightly cheaper). To go to the hotel you tell the taxi driver to go to Hotel Ikar on the SGGW Campus. To go directly to the meeting you ask to go to Klinika Małych Zwierząt SGGW, and the venue is 1 minute walk from there.

Buses: are also just outside the door of the airport. You can buy a ticket in a ticket machine next to the bus stop (operates also in English, and you will need a 70 minute ticket). Your bus will be 148 (towards Wiatraczna), and the stop you get out on is SGGW Biblioteka (Stop 1 on the map), then short walk across the campus to the hotel, or SGGW Klinika (Stop 2 on the map) if you want to go directly to the meeting.

Trains: The best stop is Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central Station). From there it is best to take a taxi, otherwise you will have to change and walk several minutes.


If you wish, I will make a booking for you in the hotel on the campus: IKAR Dormitory

The deadline to inform me is the 17th of February. The price is around 34 Euros (breakfast included). The rooms are very new, all have private bathrooms and a small kitchen annex with dishes, cutlery, electric kettle, fridge.


The climate of Warsaw is moderately continental, we have cold winters.

Weather forecast website:

Please bring your warm clothes. 😊

Poland is in the European Union. The official currency is Polish Zloty (PLN). 1 zloty is around 0,2 Euro. Emergency number is 112, but better to call Anna 😉.

Please inform Anna About your dietary restrictions.


If you have questions concerning the workshop, please reach out:

Webmaster – Jan Maehl (

Workshop Host 1 – Anne Dalmon (
Workshop Host 2 – Orlando Yanez (
Workshop Host 3 – Anna Gajda (


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