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Bee World, Volume 99, Issue 1 is a special issue on the honey bee research association COLOSS. All articles are freely available and can be found here:


Read the (guest) editorial of the Bee World special issue on COLOSS by Robert Brodschneider, James D. Ellis & Peter Neumann here:


Is COLOSS an Ivory Tower of Beekeeping Science? Efforts to Bridge Research and Practice (B-RAP) are explained by Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen et al. in Bee World, freely available at:


How COLOSS Monitoring and Research on Lost Honey Bee Colonies Can Support Colony Survival is explained in this open access Bee World article by the COLOSS monitoring group:


One of COLOSS’ finest freely available sources is The COLOSS BEEBOOK, a Manual of Standard Methods for Honey Bee Research. Read the article of the editors for free here:


In Bee World, Victoria Soroker and colleagues from The COLOSS Varroa Task Force write about Combating the Mite in the 21st Century, freely available at:


Raffaele Dall’Olio and coworkers report in Bee World on the COLOSS Survivors Task Force: Global Efforts to Improve Honey Bee Colony Survival, open access article:


Don’t bee afraid honey: Nor Chejanovsky and the COLOSS Virus Task Force take you to A Journey to the Dark Side of Honey Bee Health in Bee World, freely available here:


Cecilia Costa and Marina D. Meixner on The COLOSS Research Network for Sustainable Bee Breeding in Bee World, open access to improve bees and beekeeping:


The open access Bee World article ‘COLOSS Task Force to Investigate and Reduce Vespa velutina Impacts and Spread’ contains electronic supplementary material!


Invasive Species Require Global Efforts: COLOSS Task Force Small Hive Beetle, a Bee World article by Bram Cornelissen and Peter Neumann, freely available here:


COLOSS honey bee researchers do not care about pesticide effects? Not true, read the open access Bee World article by Noa Simon Delso and colleagues!


Read about A New COLOSS Task Force: Bee Nutrition – in Bee World and open access!


Can’t get enough of the COLOSS stuff? Here is a supplementary material to the Bee World Special Issue on COLOSS, with a bibliography of 42 essential research articles.


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The last post on the Bee World Special Issue on COLOSS is a call for honey bee researchers to join COLOSS here: