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Dear COLOSS members,
On behalf of the CSI Varroa Group leaders (Janja, Nikola and myself)  I am posting the final information about our initiative.
Most of you probably remember the discussions we had on this subject and this final version is the results of these discussions.
With this we are seeking  colleagues to act as Country coordinators.
In the link below you find some words for all of you (in blue) as well as the letter and the protocol that needs to be sent to the beekeepers in your country in order to find participants and proceed.
it would be good  if the letter and the protocol is translated first in your own language.
In the same document you also find the link for the Google drive data base, where all information about country coordinators, participants per country and all data will be added. I would recommend to have a good look in this data base before hand and soon after you decide to collaborate, please add your name as a Country coordinator.
Please coordinate first with colleagues from your country in order to have only one coordinator per country
Also give code numbers to your country participants with Capital letters and numbers , e.g. GR 1.
Feel free to ask questions and also distribute it to other colleagues as well.
The sooner we start, the better it will be.
Fani Hatjina

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