ETAIN consortium is travelling to Basel, Switzerland

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See you in Basel!

Next month the ETAIN consortium is travelling to Basel, to the Swiss TPH headquarters, to celebrate the second general assembly of the project.

The meeting will serve to reflect on the project’s advancements so far. The ETAIN consortium will prepare the launch of the EMF Monitoring app, with common lines, strategies and showcases. The app will allow people to become aware of their exposure to RF-EMF while contributing to science. As a result, ETAIN will develop Exposure maps across the EU to inform future research and development for planetary health and wellbeing.

FAQs: What you always wanted to know about ETAIN
What are Electromagnetic Fields? What’s the ETAIN Dose Calculator? What does ETAIN studing in relation to bees and insects?

The ETAIN project’s FAQ section addresses questions about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), focusing on radio frequency EMFs (RF-EMFs) exposure from daily devices like mobile phones and WiFi. It explains the science behind RF-EMFs, their measurement, effects on human health, and impact on insects. The FAQs also cover 5G technology, its differences from previous network generations, and recommendations to reduce personal RF-EMF exposure.