Guideline for initiating a new COLOSS Task Force

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1. Identify a topic

Feel free to choose any health / wellbeing related topic within the framework of our association’s mission ( Please consult for ongoing TFs. Topics must have at least regional importance (e.g. Tropilaelaps spp.), but are ideally of global relevance (e.g. climate change). It is important to ensure that any overlap with an existing TF or Core Project is minimal.

2. Recruit supporting colleagues

Get in touch with fellow COLOSS members and let them express interest in the proposed new TF via signature of a tentative member list (word doc / Google doc). Designated Task Force Chair, Vice Chair and at least ten additional members are required.

3. Inform the Executive Committee (EC)

Send to the active secretary (Leadership – COLOSS) the tentative signed member list           and a summary (max. length one A4 page) of the proposed goals and activities for your to-be-established TF. What are the key questions to be addressed? How will networking via COLOSS help to answer the questions?

4. Prepare presentation for the next General Assembly (GA)

Submit your contribution (video/PowerPoint) to the EC, via the secretary) at least one month prior to the next COLOSS conference in order to get an invitation and time slot during the next GA. Provide convincing arguments that this topic should be subject of our international networking (10 min max. = 10 slides ppt max).

5. Presentation at the GA

Convince the GA during the meeting to vote for the integration of your new Task Force into COLOSS (10 min talk, which had previously been sent to the EC (4)).

6. Voting of the GA

Your candidate TF will be voted for during the GA. A simple majority of the participating members is required to integrate it to COLOSS.