Efficacy and Toxicity of VarroMed® Used for Controlling Varroa destructor Infestation in Different Seasons and Geographical Areas

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VarroMed® is a soft acaricide registered for honey bees on the European Union market since 2017 for Varroa control. Researchers involved were partners of different countries of the Varroa control task force of the COLOSS Association. Our goal was to evaluate performances (acaricide efficacy and toxic effects on honey bees) of VarroMed® in different climatic conditions. Our results in the tested apiaries showed an efficacy ranging from 71.2 to 89.3% in summer/autumn, and from 71.8 to 95.6% in winter. No toxic effects on bees were observed, except in one apiary, where severe cold climatic conditions played a crucial role. The treatment could be efficiently applied in broodright as well as in broodless colonies. Integrated pest management (IPM) recommendations for beekeepers are provided in order to apply the best Varroa control protocol. https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/11/18/8564