Be aware the Tropilaelaps mite is spreading!

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Members of COLOSS have recently been reporting that the Tropilaelaps mite, which has previously been confined to eastern parts of Asia, has been spreading on Apis mellifera towards the west, and has been detected in Uzbekistan, south -western parts of Russia and possibly Iran.

In view of this threat, we feel that there is an urgent need for monitoring, quarantine measures, particularly in the neighbouring countries and the establishment of a new COLOSS Task Force (TF) to address this important pest.

This TF will coordinate the information flow and share expertise among the TF members and the wider COLOSS network regarding the identification and monitoring of the mite in this initial phase.

Details on the methods for monitoring this pest can be found in the publication of Anderson & Roberts in COLOSS BEEBOOK Vol 2:

Those interested in taking part in participating and leading this Task Force please contact COLOSS EC members:

Victoria Soroker: or
Geoff Williams:

The Task Force is planned to be formally established at the COLOSS General Assembly at the COLOSS Conference to be held in October 2023.