The Apis mellifera mellifera population in Denmark

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Carl-Johan Junge a beekeeper in Denmark has made a beautiful video about the bees and the beeekeepers dedicated to their conservation on the island of Læsø. First a brief introduction to the bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) and their morphological characters. Honey on Læsø is mostly from heather (Calluna vulgaris). The bees are dark and a bit bulky. The bees are well adapted to the local environment. Honey bees are important pollinators on the island, both wild flora and fruit trees. Bees need water, to cool the hive or to dilute honey in spring. When the bees swarm, the beekeepers catch and rehouse the bees, but mostly the beekeepers try to prevent swarming. The beekeepers on Læsø are engaged in the conservation of this natural heritage and educate tourist that come to visit the island. The eastern part of the island is used as a mating station for queen and drone of the local bees. The queens are mated in free flight. The beewolf is widespread on Læsø, and only eats honey bees, but never so many that the bee colonies can’t survive.

See the video here:

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