August 2020

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Honey bee colony winter loss rates for 35 countries participating in the COLOSS survey for winter 2018–2019

Abstract This article presents managed honey bee colony loss rates over winter 2018/19 resulting from using the standardised COLOSS questionnaire in 35 countries (31 in Europe). In total, 28,629 beekeepers supplying valid loss data wintered 738,233 colonies, and reported 29,912 (4.1%, 95% confidence interval (CI) 4.0–4.1%) colonies with unsolvable queen problems, 79,146 (10.7%, 95% CI…

New paper: Dietary quercetin impacts the concentration of pesticides in honey bees

Highlights: Honey bees orally exposed to imidacloprid exhibit reduced metabolism of quercetin. Dietary quercetin reduces the con- centration of imidacloprid absorbed in honey bees. Dietary quercetin does not affect the concentration of tebuconazole or tau-fluvalinate in contact-exposed honey bees. Free download for until 20th September 2020