Utilizing virus-like particles (VLPs) in social insects, Mississippi State University, USA

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This is a full-time, postdoctoral position in the Center for Pollinator Health located at the Delta Research and Extension Center, Stoneville, MS.

The incumbent will work on the toxicology, immunology, and molecular biology of social insects, such as ants and honeybees with a primary focus on exploiting virus-like particles (VLPs) in developing innovative methods and approaches in managing invasive ants, such as imported fire ants and tawny crazy ants, and utilization of VLPs for improving resistance of honey bees to their viruses as a second focus.

Duties will include screening and engineering coat proteins of insect and plant viruses which can self-assemble into functional VLPs and used as carriers for delivering active ingredients, synergists for conventional insecticides, and vacancies for honeybee virus diseases.

For additional information contact:
Dr. Esmaeil Amiri
Mississippi State University
Delta Research and Extension Center

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