Open call for COLOSS Award for excellence 2021

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The aim of this award is to support COLOSS members from developing countries or early-career scientists whose proposal fits well within our mission: to improve the well-being of bees.

The award given will be up to 5000.- CHF and can be used to cover full or partial costs of academic activities.

  • Open access publications
  • Travel funds (i.e. participation at scientific events, STMSs, training courses)
  • Scientific equipment including IT hardware or software, consumables, and related scientific services, relevant for the proposed research

Award Guidelines.

  1. COLOSS members from developing countries or early-career scientists (BSc, MSc and PhD students, postdocs <5 years) will be the focus of these awards, and an appropriate gender balance will be ensured.
  2. Preference will be given to applications, which are associated with at least one COLOSS Core Project or Task Force and involve multiple COLOSS members addressing issues of at least regional or ideally global importance.
  3. Send the required documentation (see below) to the active COLOSS secretary by the 1st of April 2021.
  4. Individuals cannot be considered if they have already received a COLOSS award within the last two years.
  5. Successful candidates will deliver a one page report, proof of spending the money for the purpose outlined in the proposal as well as a YouTube video or a presentation to be presented at the next COLOSS conference.

Required Documentation

All applications must include the following documentation, in English in a single pdf:

  1. Applicant’s name, affiliation, title, address, phone number, and email (this information should be entered into the Application Form).
  2. The candidate will submit evidence for the excellence of their prior scientific activity (2 page CV).
    • If the award is intended to cover travel expenses, invitation letters from the organizer/host are required.
  3. A proposal not exceeding 500 words addressing the following areas:
    • Description of the aims of the project, its significance for honey bee health and COLOSS.
    • Significance of the anticipated funding for the applicant’s future career and beyond.
  4. Two support letters from supervisors, directors or colleagues familiar with the applicant’s achievements.
  5. If the funding is intended to cover travel, acceptance letters must be included from the anticipated host(s).
  6. a budget plan
  7. tentative activity plan

**Incomplete applications will not be considered**