2017 internship call in ANEL honeypark, GREECE

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The Division of Apiculture (http://hellenic-beeresearch.gr) in Greece has started a scheme of collaborative Internships together with Anel Honey Park also in Greece, in several fields of Apiculture.

Anel Honey Park (http://honeypark.gr/?lang=en) is an innovate project in the field of api-tourism,api-therapy and api-education attraction dedicated to the honey bee and its products and a branch of Anel Co Beekeeping, Anel HoneyAnel Co is a worldwide known company, operating since 1968, specialized in manufacturing of beekeeping equipment.

Feel good, learn and experience new things, exchange knowledge and meet people! An intern is an ideal way to become involved in an innovate place like ANEL Honey Park.

We will be honored if you help us in achieving our mission of “raising environmental awareness about the importance of honey bees to the public

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