SAMS Survey – how to use SAMS beehive data

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With respect to your Pollinator Initiative we would like to ask you and all involved experts of you initiative for help by participating in our online survey..

The purpose of this survey is to learn how scientists of different disciplines would use SAMS data, in order to accomplish a user centered interface- and interaction-design approach for the DSS.

The H2020 SAMS project (Smart Apiculture Management Services ) implements sensor technique in beehives of small-scale beekeeping operations in tropical regions.

SAMS allows active monitoring and remote sensing of bee health and beekeeping by developing appropriate ICT solutions supporting management of bee health and bee productivity and a role model for effective international cooperation.

A first version of SAMS sensor technique will be implemented in Indonesia (West Java) and Ethiopia this year and will deliver the following data*:

  • brood hive temperature from 1 up to 10 temperature sensors
  • environmental temperature from 1 outside temperature sensor
  • relative humidity from 1 outside sensor for air moisture
  • weight of complete beehive
  • acoustical frequency spectrum of the bee colony over 4 min (FFT- Fast Fourier Transform)

* recording intervals: 4x daily all parameters

* if connected to power supply system permanent recording is possible

All data will be open source and a decision support system (DSS) that combines sensor-based data-outputs with other information sources and predictive models to measure, analyse and describe different states of the bee colony such as health, vitality, production, etc. will be developed in the project.

The survey will be available until July 31,2019.

Please help us and answer 18 questions how SAMS data can be useful for your research. It will take about 15-25 min to complete the questionnaire.

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