20th International Plant Protection Congress, Athens, Greece

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Dear Members of COLOSS,

I have the pleasure to inform you that the 20th International Plant Protection Congress is going to take place in Athens Greece, in July 1-5, 2024, at the Megaron Conference center (https://www.ippcathens2024.gr).

During the Congress, the concurrent sessions will be organized:

Pesticides and effects on bees (#48) (Chairs: Fani Hatjina, Noa Simon-Delso, Antonios Tsagkarakis)
Insect pollination services, benefits and challenges (Interactions between plant protection and pollination) (#49) (Chairs: Jessica Knapp, Fani Hatjina, Antonios Tsagkarakis).

We welcome you to submit your interest and draft title of your presentation in the relative session to the email atsagarakis@aua.gr till Monday November 6th.

With best regards,

Antonios Tsagkarakis