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Apiculture is one of the most important factor for not only producing honey but also pollination in all over the world. All scientific researchs therefore mainly focus on the vitality of honey bee colonies and their productivities. I have been working on honey bees for 17 years at Hacettepe University. Except of my master and PhD thesis several projects were completed 16 articles were published in the international journals have impact factors 36 oral presentations were presented at the international congress symposium in foreign countries. 10256 samples (each sample contains app. 30 bees) which are sent from beekeepers in every regions of Turkey have been analysed in my laboratory since 1998. Up to now I have organised 157 local beekeeper meetings in 71 different places in Turkey. I have given seminars therotically then sometimes practically about vitality bee health bee products the meetings. In content of the programme there is also a section at the end for chatting between scientists and beekeepers in order to ask questions and share experiences from laboratories and fields like the main goal of Apimondia congress. I also have been in Scientific Commission of the two big international congres (Mu?la Pine Honey Congress and Herbal Cong.). Besides I have been working in COLOSS (Prevention of Colony LOsses) Assoc.(305 members from 52 countries) as Executive Committee member. I have 1 PhD 3 master students 6 participants(students technician etc.) of projects. So I have a wide and effective network to monitore the situation of beekeeping in Turkey and also in the World. The main goal of mine and my team is to follow all data from bees update the knowledge of beekeepers and add new methodologies in beekeeping sector. COLOSS- Honey Bee Research Association Executive Committee Member (2008- ) Mellifera Journal Editor(2013- ) The vice-director of Biology Department Hacettepe University (2013- ) Hacettepe University Bee and Bee Products Application and Research Center Vice-Director (2007- ) The scientific advisor of Turkish Beekeepers Association (2003- ) The vice-director and General Secretary of Apimondia (The International Beekeepers Assoc.) 2017 Organization Committee (2013-2017)