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Rhonda is a MSc student at UBC in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She graduated with her BSc in Biology from The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta (2020), where she completed her undergraduate thesis work on bacteriophage therapy for American Foul brood disease in honey bees. Rhonda has worked with bees since 2019 and is involved in research and beekeeping. Her passion for both the lab and the field have led her to work with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and on projects with the Alberta Beekeeper's Tech Transfer Program. Rhonda is currently investigating the relationship between honey bees and their environment, and specifically the stressors associated with pollinating blueberries. Honey bees are routinely left in poor health following their pollination of blueberry fields in BC, with little to no explanation why. She will use proteomics and microbiome analysis to study the causal links between blueberry agrochemicals and pathogens on hive health. Rhonda's other research interests include regenerative and sustainable agriculture, food systems, and soil health.