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Nam Chi
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Hanai Hives
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My name is Nam Chi Vu Anoche. I’ve been a beekeeper for over a year. My family are Vietnamese refugees. In order to escape the war my parents attended universities in Japan. My father is a chemist and earned his doctorate from the University of Tokyo. My mother was an entrepreneur. Science went over my head as a child, and I had a tremendous amount of pressure from my father who is a doctor. As a result, I learned bass guitar and tried to be a rock star. I majored in Jazz at UCSD. Then, I attended culinary school in Honolulu, Hawaii to learn about local farmers and sustainability and fell in love with bees. My son is heavy into ant keeping, and I fell in love with ants, E. O. Wilson, and Bert Holldobler. Thanks to Dr. Jamie Ellis and Amy Vu of 2 Bees and a Podcast. I was overwhelmed with joy with Dr. Peter Neumann. Now, here I am!

Nutrition, Small hive beetle, Sustainable bee breeding