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Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy And Chemometrics Analysis Of Clover, Citrus And Sugar Feeding Honey

This work evaluate fast and accurate analytical method model developed for the authentication of honey adulteration by sugar-feeding syrup using UV-VIS (Ultraviolet-visible) spectroscopy in absorbance mode together with chemometric techniques of principal component analysis (PCA) and canonical discrimination analysis, thirty-five honey samples from three types of honey (18 samples of clover honey,14 samples of citrus…

Honey botanical origin and honey-specific protein pattern: Characterization of some European honeys

Abstract Honey adulteration generates low quality products on the market. The study aimed to find a simple, specific and less time-consuming method than standard melissopalynology only, for monitoring honey botanical and geographical origin. In this study 42 honey samples from different sources were examined for their botanical origin by using melissopalynology and their specific protein…