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Crushing corn pollen grains increased diet digestibility and hemolymph protein content while decreasing honey bee consumption

A honey bee colony’s ability to grow and develop is dependent on adequate nutrition. Bees collect pollen from flowers as a source of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The crude protein content of corn pollen is considered low, around 15%; however, bees frequently visit the male flowers of the tassels for pollen. In this study,…

Chronic exposure to a field‑realistic concentration of Closer® SC (24% sulfoxaflor) insecticide impacted the growth and foraging activity of honey bee colonies

The effects of sulfoxaflor on various pollinators have long been debated. However, there have been few in-hive studies on sulfoximines, and the effects on honey bee colony growth and foraging activity are unknown. Here, we calculated the LC50 of Closer® 24% suspension concentrate (SC) using honey bee foragers and then assessed the impacts of chronic…