February 2018

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Invitation to take part to a research survey on Research Integrity

Dear Colleague, The Department of Sociology, University of Crete, Greece within project DEFORM: Determine the financial and global impact of research misconduct (Horizon 2020, Project ID 710246, Coordinator: INSEEC, France) http://www.deform-h2020.eu/ is conducting a survey investigating issues of research misconduct and research integrity. Our aim is to reach a wide audience of researchers in various stages of their career…

Perfect Match: Simultaneous Strawberry Pollination & Bio-Sampling of the Plant Pathogenic Bacterium

Abstract In this study we show that honey bee colonies placed in a greenhouse for pollination of strawberry can simultaneously be used to indicate the presence of the plant pathogenic bacterium Erwinia pyrifoliae. This was demonstrated by using two methods of qualitative sacrificial and non-sacrificial bio sampling of the honey bee colony. A novel method…