EFSA’s survey on identifying emerging risks related to climate change

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EFSA Strategy 2020 calls for the Authority to be ready for future challenges.  As you know climate change is increasingly reported as having an impact on all areas of food production and thus on EFSA’s scientific work. To support the authority in preparing for this impact, we launch a new project:  The CLEFSA project (Climate change and Emerging risks for Food Safety.

CLEFSA will develop a method for identifying emerging risks related to climate change. It will also allow the ranking and prioritisation of risks in the area of food and feed safety, plant and animal health.

To commence, we will collect a list of potential emerging issues through a broad horizon scanning activity. For this we are seeking your support and collaboration to reach a very wide audience, specifically staff members, panels and working group members as well as Network members and their circles (see note attached for more info on the consultation process).

We invite any interested person to fill in a short online survey. The survey will be online until March 7th and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

We are sure that all have novel ideas to contribute with!

Scientific Officer
Risk Assessment and Scientific Assistance Department
Scientific Committee – Emerging Risks Unit

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