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Molecular examination of nosemosis and foulbrood pathogens in honey bee populations from southeastern Morocco

The western honey bee is highly valued for its important role as natural pollinator. In Morocco, pollination services of Apis mellifera along with other insect pollinators were estimated at 1.2 billion US$. Regrettably, biological stressors including pathogens are leading factors contributing to colony losses and hampering pollination services. The aim of this study was to…

Biologically active extracts from different medicinal plants tested as potential additives against bee pathogens

Abstract Honey bees (Apis mellifera) perform pollination service for many agricultural crops and contribute to the global economy in agriculture and bee products. However, honey bee health is an ongoing concern, as illustrated by persistent local population decline, caused by some severe bee diseases (e.g., nosemosis, AFB, EFB, chalkbrood). Three natural recipes are in development…