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Standard methods for rearing and selection of “Apis mellifera queens” 2.0

Here, we cover a wide range of methods currently in use and recommended in modern queen rearing, selection, and breeding. The recommendations are meant to serve as stand-ards for scientific and practical beekeeping purposes. The basic conditions and different management techniques for queen rearing are described, including recommendations for suitable technical equipment. As the success…

The European commission publishes an official report about project on varroa resistant honey bees (EURBEST)

The EurBeST Pilot project “Restructuring of the honey bee chain and Varroa resistance breeding & selection programme” (Agri 2017-0346) ran from 2019 to 2021 and explored possibilities for increasing the varroa resistance of commercially available honey bees by selective breeding, and analysed ways to improve beekeepers’ access to resistant material. Analysis of the EU market…