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Invitation selection survey for participation in the B-GOOD project

We are looking for beekeepers across Europe who want to contribute to the B-GOOD project by collecting all sorts of data (from three) of their honeybee colonies, using the BEEP base automatic monitoring system and BEEP app. The BEEP base is an automatic measurement system that you place under the hive. The built-in scale and the temperature sensor and microphone turn on every 15…

COLOSS Members, Small Hive Beetle Task Force Needs Your Help!

The SHB Task Force is looking for regional coordinators from all hive beetle-affected countries to advertise and/or distribute our GLOBAL ECONOMIC SURVEY to local beekeepers. Our short online survey aims to generate a cost estimate of small hive beetle related damage, including expense incurred through preventative measures, for each participating country. The survey is currently…