COLOSS Executive Committee (EC) elections 2022

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Dear COLOSS members,

According to our statutes, we will democratically elect a new Executive Committee (EC) at our forthcoming General Assembly (GA) associated with the next COLOSS conference.

The EC is right at the core of our network. COLOSS can simply not function without it.

Therefore, it is crucial that dedicated members interested in actively and voluntarily contributing to managing the network will apply. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to go to the member area of our website via the following link:

Please don’t be shy to move forward here, even if you think you lack the experience. Motivation is what really matters. The amount of time to be dedicated is reasonable with a few hours per week (bi-weekly online meetings, organization of events, etc.), and with the required tasks being shared between EC members.

We especially encourage members from Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and Oceania to apply in order to foster our global reach.

COLOSS needs you!

I am personally looking forward to see many EC applications until October 12, 2022.

Kind regards,
Peter Neumann
President COLOSS

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