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COLOSS Executive Committee (EC) elections 2022

Dear COLOSS members, According to our statutes, we will democratically elect a new Executive Committee (EC) at our forthcoming General Assembly (GA) associated with the next COLOSS conference. The EC is right at the core of our network. COLOSS can simply not function without it. Therefore, it is crucial that dedicated members interested in actively…

Morphometric and mitochondrial variation of Apis mellifera L. and its relationship with geographical variables in parts of West and Central Africa

In order to investigate the geographical distribution of morphological and mitochondrial variation of the Western honey bee in West and Central Africa, 175 colonies, sampled from 44 localities (or a subset therefrom), were subjected to geometric morphometric (GM), traditional morphometric (TM) and mitochondrial DNA analyses. The shape of the forewing differed significantly between the three…